Absolute Filtration are New Zealand Distributors for Fluitek

Fluitek Corporation offers the most complete line of industrial filtration elements available on the market today. Our product line covers over 20,000 different models for oil, fuel, water, and air applications.

fluitek-elements-absorptionAbsorption elements (filters) are designed to remove water or a specific chemical from fuel, solvents, and oils which is emulsified by the presence of surfactants and will not separate in a coalescer/separator process. These elements are commonly used at refineries, fuel pipe-lines, machine shops, and oil recycling applications.

fluitek-elements-adsorptionThe Fullers Earth is used to adsorb soluble contaminants such as gums, resins, waxes and acids from fuels, oils and solvents. Carbon elements are used for the removal of color and odor from potable liquids such as water, vegetable oils and mineral oils.

fluitek-elements-airintakeFluitek's air intake elements were developed for the removal of atmospheric dust or particulate in the air intake system of compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, engines, etc. Our versatile manufacturing process enables us to offer these filters in thousands of different sizes and media configurations.

fluitek-elements-airoilOver 300 models of air/oil separator elements are available utilizing a cylindrical or pleated design of microglass with a variety of flanges, gaskets and kits. Air flow capacities of up to 3000 CFM/element with 0.3-10 micron aerosol selectivity and 99.9% removal efficiency are available. These elements are limited, however, to 225°F operating temperature at 50 PSIDP maximum differential pressure.

fluitek-elements-bagsFluitek's filtration bags are offered for both liquid and dust collection applications. Liquid filtration bags are commonly used as an inexpensive solution for the removal of bulk solids from applications such as coolant filtration, ink filtration, paint strainers, and various water pre-filter applications.

fluitek-elements-compressedairCompressed air filtration is one of the most common and most critical forms of filtration in the industrial market. Coalescer, particulate, and carbon absorption filters are the three most common types of compressed air filters. These filters are used to remove solid particulate, water, oil mist, and oil/water vapors from compressed air systems. 

fluitek-elements-coalescerFluitek's coalescer and separator elements were designed specifically for the separation and removal of water from gasoline, aviation fuel, kerosene, and diesel fuel. Made from a combination of pleated and wrapped layers of fiberglass media, our coalescer elements are capable of high flow rates and water removal down to 5ppm. Depending on the application, Fluitek offers coalescing elements with filtration efficiencies ranging from 0.5 - 25 micron.

fluitek-elements-compressorFluitek offers a complete line of compressor filters including air intake, lube oil, and air/oil separators. These filters are used to maintain clean air, clean oil, and to retain the oil in the compressor after the compression cycle. Our filters are designed to meet the compressor OEM specifications to assure protection of vital components on all major brands of air compressors.

fluitek-elements-depthDepth elements are used in low flow filtration systems such as applications containing soft contaminants, sludge, slime, or waxes. Fluitek depth elements are most commonly used to clean or recycle hydraulic oil, compressor oil, gear oil, quench oil, or various other fluids with off-line or side-stream kidney loop systems.

fluitek-elements-dustcollectorsFluitek dust collector elements are available in all of the current designs used in the industry. Sewn bags, cartridges, and pleated bags are some of the most popular types of dust collectors. We offer solutions for many applications including powder paint, welding exhaust, food manufacturing, and paper dust. Most suppliers are only able to supply the standard dust collector cartridges that are common to the industry.

fluitek-elements-hydraulicFluitek hydraulic elements are used for the removal of fine and granular contaminants in critical filtration applications. These applications include servo valve protection, engine test stands, power units, turbine oil filtration, and paper machine lube systems.

fluitek-elements-metalFluitek's all metal elements are designed for the removal of hard, course contaminants from applications including plastic extrusion, hydraulic oil, lube oil, cutting oil, fuel, and solvents. Our metal element line is offered in a variety of end configurations and micron ratings ranging from 5 - 750 micron. This style element is also available in all welded or crimped end configurations which eliminates the use of adhesives in the filter.

fluitek-elements-panelPanel filters are commonly used on intake and exhaust applications. Some of the common applications are compressor intakes, grease catchers, spark arrestors, HVAC filtration, odor removal, and the final filtration of dust collection systems.

fluitek-elements-pleatedliquidPleated Media Elements are ideally suited for removal of hard, granular contaminants from lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, fuels and water.

fluitek-elements-processcartridgesFluitek offers several types of process cartridges. Wound, pleated, melt blown, and resin bonded are a few of the many process cartridge options that we have available. Fluitek process cartridges are used in a wide range of filtration applications including RO system pre-filters, beverage, ultra pure water, chemical, ink, paint, and sterile vent air filtration.

fluitek-elements-radialfinRadial Fin Elements are extended area, star-shaped elements developed for the removal of atmospheric dust from the air intake of compressors, blowers, and engines and for the removal of hard contaminants from hydraulic fluids, lubricating and fuel oils and process fluids.

fluitek-elements-spinonSpin-on elements are disposable elements in a self contained metal housing. These elements are used for the removal of contaminants from hydraulic oils, coolants, lube oils, fuels, water, and reservoir tank air breathers. Fluitek spin-on elements contain surface or depth loading medias such as cellulose, microglass, water absorbing, or stainless steel mesh.

fluitek-elements-woundWound Elements are used in the filtration of liquids and gases containing small particulates or limited soft contaminants. These elements are used in a broad range of industrial, chemical and process industries.