fluitek-elements-compressedairCompressed air filtration is one of the most common and most critical forms of filtration in the industrial market. Coalescer, particulate, and carbon absorption filters are the three most common types of compressed air filters. These filters are used to remove solid particulate, water, oil mist, and oil/water vapors from compressed air systems. 

Fluitek compressed air filters are placed at strategic locations throughout the compressed air system to protect equipment such as air dryers, cylinders, valves, and lasers.

Most compressed air filtration systems are designed to remove submicronic contaminants. In order to meet these requirements, our filters are offered in a micron range of 0.01 - 100 micron. Our coalescing filters use a specially formulated borosilicate glass media to achieve coalescing results of less than .003 ppm oil carry over. There are over 20,000 filters available in this product line which includes a wide range of sizes and medias to handle high flow applications and temperatures up to 450°F.