fluitek-elements-metalFluitek's all metal elements are designed for the removal of hard, course contaminants from applications including plastic extrusion, hydraulic oil, lube oil, cutting oil, fuel, and solvents. Our metal element line is offered in a variety of end configurations and micron ratings ranging from 5 - 750 micron. This style element is also available in all welded or crimped end configurations which eliminates the use of adhesives in the filter.

Adhesive free cartridges are used in aggressive chemical or high temperature applications that cannot be limited by the temperature rating or compatibility of the potting compound.

Considered cleanable and reusable, Fluitek's metal elements are used in return line, suction, pre-filter, and some final filter applications. Our ability to fabricate custom end caps and pleat packs allows us to offer an all metal element in almost any style, shape, and size. With several types of metal medias available including carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium, Fluitek is able to build an all-metal cleanable filter to fit most filtration applications.