fluitek-elements-processcartridgesFluitek offers several types of process cartridges. Wound, pleated, melt blown, and resin bonded are a few of the many process cartridge options that we have available. Fluitek process cartridges are used in a wide range of filtration applications including RO system pre-filters, beverage, ultra pure water, chemical, ink, paint, and sterile vent air filtration.

There are several different media options available including cellulose, polypropylene, cotton, PTFE, PES, stainless steel, and microglass. The wide range of media options allows us to offer filtrations solutions for various applications with an efficiency range of 0.1 - 400 micron. Fluitek's process cartridges are available with all the popular end cap configurations which enables our cartridges to fit into existing housings without modifications. From standard every day drinking water to final filtration elements at a brewery, Fluitek has the process cartridge to meet the quality and reliability that your application demands.