fluitek-elements-radialfinRadial Fin Elements are extended area, star-shaped elements developed for the removal of atmospheric dust from the air intake of compressors, blowers, and engines and for the removal of hard contaminants from hydraulic fluids, lubricating and fuel oils and process fluids.

Most radial fin elements are made from monofilament woven fabrics, or felted media made from natural or synthetic fibers. The filtration efficiency range covers a wide variety of media in the 0.3-200 micron selectivity with a 100-1000° F temperature range and 70-100 PSIDP collapse pressure, with supporting screens.

With the versatility of today's fabric materials, the availability of styles and media finishes coupled with a full range of micron selectivities, Fluitek is able to offer hundreds of differant models for virtually any application.