fluitek-elements-spinonSpin-on elements are disposable elements in a self contained metal housing. These elements are used for the removal of contaminants from hydraulic oils, coolants, lube oils, fuels, water, and reservoir tank air breathers. Fluitek spin-on elements contain surface or depth loading medias such as cellulose, microglass, water absorbing, or stainless steel mesh.

The variety of available medias allows for elements that are suitable for flow rates up to 100GPM and a micron efficiency of 1-150 micron.

Fluitek also offers spin-on filter heads to fit both our filter elements and our competitor's elements. We have heads available in single or multiple element designs. They are offered with NPT, SAE, and BSP port options ranging 1/4" - 1 7/8". Each head has a variety of gauge and indicator options to let the operator know when the element needs to be changed.