This month Absolute's Managing Director Ben Taylor visited Pacific Energy's aviation facility on the beautiful island of Rarotonga, Cook Islands. The filtration services Absolute provided included: 

  • Training seminar
  • Vessel certifiaction
  • Equipment catalogue
  • Installation of cartridges
  • General site recommendations

Day 1

Comprised of the training seminar and getting on-site to apply the new skills that the staff had learnt. The seminar gives the staff a unique chance to explore the science and inner workings of the equipment used on site. 

Topics covered included: Where contamination comes from, The different types of contaminants, How different types of filters work & the cleaning and maintenance of elements / vessels. 

Day 2

Was spent cataloging equipment and ensuring the staff have all the critical spares on-site for easy and efficient maintenance.

The master lists Absolute Filtration creates from this information offer the client a concise list which staff use to monitor inspection / change-outs and products needed in-site to complete works on a yearly basis. 

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Day 3

On the last day of the visit Loose ends were tied, vessels were closed and it was time to show off Absolutes new filtration products. OIL DRI clean up products and Apollo ball valves are a new addition to Absolutes range. The OIL DRI spill kits and Hazmats are perfect for aviation fuel and is fast becoming our most popular product. 

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A special thanks must go out to Pacific Energys Site Manager Mii Nicholls who made the trip a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all involved. 

My next Trip is too Fiji on the 28th of September to visit JUHI Nadi and the general Aviation sites.



More to come shortly!!


Ben Taylor

Managing Director